Why Join Tutor Doctor?

Q&A with Frank Milner, President of Tutor Doctor

"The Tutor Doctor Franchise is NOT the traditional 'learning centre' based tutoring, instead they provide a one-to-one ratio of student to tutor in the student’s own home to fit in with each family’s unique schedule. Their tutoring network is able to offer private tutoring in all grade levels including college and university."

Who can own and run a Tutor Doctor Franchise?

We have attracted franchisees from many different walks of life including people who came to us from the corporate world; some have come from the education industry, and others have come from a small business environment. No matter what the background of our franchisees, the most important quality that we look for is the desire to make a difference. Franchisees who want to engage in meaningful work and impact the lives of others. This desire, together with the willingness to get involved in their local community, are key qualities that Tutor Doctor looks for in all of its potential franchisee candidates. Franchisees are selected by going through a highly structured selection process that is made up of a series of information sessions and candidate interviews.

Does Tutor Doctor provide all the necessary training and software for franchisee success?

Absolutely! In fact, Tutor Doctor offers one of the most comprehensive and well-designed training and support programs in the industry. It starts by assigning a Business Coach and the welcome training call. Franchisees go through 8 weeks of preparatory work to have the business ready to launch after the final week of training with Home Office. Once franchisees complete this training, they are prepared to start operations, but they are not on their own. The Business Coach works with them through the first year of operations. After the first year, they transition to our on-going specialized support where they have access to on-going business development training, marketing expertise, monthly boot camps and more. Our BANG software, which is a custom Customer Relationships Management system (CRM), helps our franchisees manage tutors, clients and marketing campaigns as a single source of information.

How long has Tutor Doctor been offering their service?

Tutor Doctor is a well-established business model which has been helping students since 2000. We started franchising in 2003. Since then, we have expanded to over 600 franchised territories in more than 10 countries in 5 continents.

Who designs Tutor Doctor’s methodology?

Our methodology has been designed by top education experts and are based on foundational learning, filling in the missing conceptual gaps that are hindering a child’s success. We then consolidate current expectations and help them move ahead of their requirements.

Does Tutor Doctor believe in building a strong academic foundation to help students succeed?

Most definitely yes. The Tutor Doctor methodology and programs are tailored to bring out the best in our students by majoring on their strengths. We initially identify their abilities and challenges, and then use this data to help them learn with focus and confidence. All students learn differently; Tutor Doctor’s methodology is designed to suit each individual’s needs. We have found that the most demand for our services comes from students requiring help with Math, English, Science and Biology. Math and English are the foundation blocks to which other subject areas are then added to create the learning blocks.

Do Franchisees have to have an educational background?

Not at all, the Tutor Doctor Franchise owners operate this white collar, home-based business by managing a network of tutors giving you unmatched freedom and flexibility. Tutor Doctor Franchisees are backed by a leading franchise brand in the industry and enjoy the benefits of the exploding demand for tutoring services from an ever growing number of parents nationwide. Franchisees benefit from our proven successful one-to-one tutoring model that eliminates the need for the normally high overhead costs associated with a traditional bricks and mortar business.

How would you sum up the Tutor Doctor Franchise ethic?

This is simple, Tutor Doctor believes that learning shouldn’t be a chore – Tutor Doctor makes it fun and rewarding!